Samsung works on a rival for Hololens

Sung-Hoon Hong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, has revealed that the company is working on new and more advanced virtual reality displays. And while the development of a new Gear VR is not news, it is the fact that the South Korean giant’s doing a new kind of augmented viewer or mixed reality that supposedly point to rivals like Hololens and Magic Leap.

Samsung Gear VR

This way the executive indicated it during Virtual Reality Summit of San Diego, an event where provided some details about future releases of Samsung in this segment. The next generation of Gear VR is apparently just around the corner, but in the longer term we should find a viewer that will mix virtual and augmented reality with a high degree of visual fidelity.

According to Sung-Hoon Hong, Samsung points to a level 3 device, which involves interaction of artificially generated elements with the virtual and real interaction in an environment subject to virtual light sources. For this, the company will use its own holographic technology, which is described by Sung-Hoon Hong as so realistic that it seems palpable, without ruling out collaborations with firms such as the Magic Leap itself. It would not be the first association of this type, since the Gear VR visor is based on the technology developed by Oculus.

The dissertation of the vice president of Samsung Electronics served to highlight the interest of the company in the artificial intelligence applied to these types of platforms and their possible uses. The development of the hardware needed to be able to offer a commercial device is still far away, but according to Sung-Hoon Hong, the Mobile World Congress 2017 could be the setting for the first public demonstrations of their technology. It is worth remembering that the next edition of the Barcelona fair will open its doors on 27th February.