Samsung will present new 64-bit Exynos processor at the CES 2014

Samsung has announced a new Exynos processor with 64 bits architecture presented on January 7 at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The South Korean company has announced this information on Friday through the official Twitter account of Samsung Exynos.

exynos processor

The Samsung Exynos processor will have the same architecture as the one Apple introduced in its latest “smartphone” iPhone 5S, so the apple company will meet a competitor in this regard.

All indications are that the next “smartphone”, the Samsung Galaxy S5, integrate this new processor. The new South Korean manufacturer termminal is expected to see light in February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) international exhibition to be held in Barcelona.

In addition, Samsung has announced through their official blog that is working to develop the first 8-gigabit (1GB) DDR4 memory chip of the industry, through which could reach 4GB RAM adapted to mobile phones.

This chip, introduced in South Korea would be a module with 8 gigabit (1GB), low power consumption and LPDDR4 technology (3.1 Gbps), which represents a 50% faster memory and consumes 40% less. In addition, it may reach 4GB RAM on a set of multiple layers and that would adapt to the ‘smartphone’.

Koreans have said they will begin to mass produce over 2014 and will be used for laptops, ‘tablets’ and ‘smartphones’. “This next-generation LPDDR4 DRAM will contribute significantly to faster growth of the global mobile DRAM market, which will soon comprise the largest share of the entire DRAM market”, said executive vice president of sales and marketing of Samsung memory, Young-Hyun Jun.