Samsung presents ultra widescreen curved monitor

Samsung has introduced an ultra-widescreen monitor, The SE790C, 34 inches diagonal, with an aspect ratio of 21: 9, a resolution of 3400 × 1440 (ultra ULTRA-WQHD) and a contrast ratio is 3,000: 1.

The SE790C

But undoubtedly the most striking feature of this device is that its 3000R curvature (radius of curvature of 3.000mm), following the trend to be imposed on TVs for a while.

This curvature makes that the user does not feel the distortion that is perceived in a flat monitor, since the SE790C coincides with the natural curvature of the view. In addition to attempting to offer a more ergonomic experience to view, the company says that curvature creates a 3D effect that makes the screen seem to be larger than it actually is.

Apart from the features at the level of “screen” also includes other peripheral connections and features like stereo speakers (2.0), connect USB 3.0 and Picture-in-picture 2.0 (PiP 2.0), which allows multiple tasks without to reduce the scale of the content.