Samsung presents a 110 inches 4K TV

Not only mobile and ‘tablets’ man lives. So the big manufacturers take the opportunity to showcase their latest creations for the home, from televisions to flatter most futuristic washing machines. In fact, that was precisely the main objective of the IFA Berlin until the avalanche of telecommunications flooded everything and turned a fair image in other connected devices.

Samsung 4K TV

Because that’s the secret. All devices have at home, from the refrigerator to the microwave, washing machine or air conditioning, have been incorporated into the era of telecommunications in a new stage of development of the web that has been called the “Internet of things”. TVs, as already pressured mobile years ago, become intelligent (“smart”) and allow users to do things they never dreamed of just a couple of years ago.

To speak of this, BK Yoon, President of Samsung consumer electronics division, presented the novelties of the company, which he referred to as a “world leader in innovation”. “We want to understand what people want from technology – Yoon-assured and offer it”. For this reason, this Samsung product line has more than 60,000 people in its research and Development Department.

Large resolution
The result of all they are, for example, new televisions with organic matrix, OLED, able to lead the definition and image quality to the absolute limits and until now seemed impossible. Or new appliances, which multiplied by twenty capabilities and performance of the previous generation.

The company announced the first curved TV with 4K UHD tech and with which rival LG, which both have already shown similar technology. This TV will be available in models 55 and 65 inches, being the first company to launch a TV of this feature with the latest imaging technology.

So far, it has not been announced price or availability. And it is that South Korea is not satisfied with the OLED TVs. Although the company has already filed 4K technology televisions during the IFA trade fair held in Berlin, wanted to go a step further ahead of their great rivals and uniting in the same device two of the most innovative technologies.

The company introduced a TV with 55 inch OLED screen. Ask each illuminates itself, obtaining a spectacular image quality. Includes a further feature that allows two people are watching at the same time, full-screen, and two different programs through special goggles. Thus, one becomes two televisions.

Of course, the new TVs with 4K or Ultra High Definition technology (UHD), which allows on-screen display up to four times more information than the HD were also presented. And for those who just bought a TV are not left behind, Samsung has begun marketing what has been called ‘Evolution kit’, a module that is sold separately and connected to the old TV to add all new performance.

Prices for UHD, of course, are not available to everyone. And start from €6,000 of the 55-inch model to get a real “monster” of 110 inches and the cost, not yet revealed, is certainly above 25,000 euros.

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