Samsung NX500, first impressions

Samsung has taken advantage of his meeting with media and partners in Europe to announce its new model of CSC cameras. The Samsung NX500, we have already been able to play in Monaco, it is a proposal to have the power and photographic possibilities for high-end camera like NX1, but in a very small format. And it seems that they have succeeded.

Samsung NX500

The camera is very easy to handle, light, with good grip due to the handle, and finishing and design fall in love by the use of the metaphor of skin and metallic touches.

Hybrid approach and sensor as highlights
The Samsung NX500, as we advance, inherits many of the most important specifications of Koreans NX1. For starters it have the sensor, APS-C type backlight and with a resolution of 28 megapixels.

Also integrated in the small body of the NX500 the DRIMeV processor, head of the noise reduction of photos but above all the system of hybrid approach (per phase and contrast) which is one of the improvements that are more appreciated just holding the camera.

The most powerful processor, as we have seen, makes the power and overall operation of the Samsung NX500 is very fluid. We liked the shutter speed and the focus, even with complicated light. It’s also quick burst of 9 frames per second, but not reaching the NX1 12 fps.

Small CSC but with 4K video recording
Video recording is a feature that manufacturers have assumed to be important in CSC cameras. Since few users encountered opt for a dedicated camcorder to record video with good quality. In the case of the Samsung NX500 is maximum bet: UHD codec HEVC video. The most complete mode records video with resolution 4096×2160 (24fps) but we still have by the way, a slow motion mode that would have rounded this facet of the NX500.

Another aspect we liked was the connectivity. The NX500 has NFC, Bluetooth and Wifi, so just bring the smartphone to it can start connecting via bluetooth or WiFi Direct and start using from the external display when remote shooting. Or something very practical: move quickly and simple images that we take with the CSC to the smartphone to make almost instant rise to social networks.

The importance of connectivity in the NX500 is such that even has a dedicated button for it, well placed and the truth is that we have found it very comfortable to start connectivity without having to go through menus.

Folding screen for selfies
Despite the seriousness of its sheet, the Samsung NX500 is not immune to the fashion of the selfies. Its flip up display, 3-inch touchscreen with resolution of more than one million pixels and SuperAMOLED technology, in addition to look good, give it up when the turn 180 degrees and allows us to become self-portraits with quality, although we have sincerely liked more degrees of freedom in all (lateral mainly) addresses not only to place the screen facing at us.

The Samsung NX500 is scheduled to arrive at the market from March, with no official price yet in Europe but should be around 600-700 euro (targeting 16-50 mm f3.5-5.6), just half that Samsung NX1 who shares almost all technical sheet but in a much smaller size.