Samsung NX300M camera: First device with Tizen OS

The South Korean company Samsung will be the first to use the Tizen operating system with a digital camera. Everything seemed to indicate that Tizen would be used on a phone, but the Samsung model NX300M will integrated this software.

Samsung NX300M

At the developer conference Samsung executive VP, Jong-Deok Choi, has shown the Samsung camera model NX300M, which includes in its interior a version called Tizen Camera Platform, according to Korean media have been published.

This device has the aforementioned Tizen core is developed for mobility. According to Choi commented while showing slides during the conference, NX300M has some new features that automatically rebilled and deal with the other new devices that use Android.

Some of these are the speed at startup (two times more than models with system operating integrated) and the 20-megapixel sensor (with the possibility of up to nine shots per second). According to recent rumors, Tizen will reach the other products (phones and tablets) in early 2014, during the celebration of the CES show held in Las Vegas.

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