Samsung introduced two new Galaxy Note

Samsung introduced two new versions of the Galaxy Note 4, which is highlighted with a metal frame, with a version of mobile phone called Galaxy Note Edge, extending screen to the edge of the computer.

new Galaxy Note 4

Design, a big screen multitasking, the S Pen and the camera were the four points made by Samsung to describe the characteristics of the Galaxy Note 4 equipped with a metal and available in black, white, gold and pink edge.

The use of metal in the latest smartphones from Samsung had its antecedent in Galaxy Alpha, a version with similar features to the Galaxy S5.

The new version of the Samsung phablet, a concept of mobile phone with large screen which debuted in 2011, maintains the 5.7 inches of the previous version. It uses a Super AMOLED display 2560 by 1440 pixels. Inside will be a four or eight-core processor, depending on the market to which direct the device, a mode that the South Korean company usually apply to their top models, with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and directed 3220 mAh battery, which allows a fast charge to 50 percent in 30 minutes. The connection port is a USB 2.0., a step backwards with respect to the Note 3, which has USB 3.0.

Its camera is 16 MP, equipped with an image stabilization system. It also has next to flash, built-in online Galaxy S5 sensor, and that the Galaxy Note 4 also functions as an optional button to perform a capture, a function to remove a selfie. Its front camera is 3.7 MP equipped with a wide angle of 120 degrees to take better self group portraits.

The Galaxy Note 4 features Android 4.4 version and still no news for the expected L Android announced by Google in its latest developer conference.

The other highlight was the company’s announcement Galaxy Note Edge, a smartphone that shares the same technical specifications of the Galaxy Note 4 but differs by a screen that extends to the right edge of the phone.

It also has the same design with metallic edge and its display is 5.6 inches, since it uses the extended edge to emit custom notifications. This design allows for two separate display areas within the same panel used as display.