Ryan ToysReview: Six-year-old boy earns more than 9 million euros

With only six years, Ryan can boast of having the “job” most envied of all children of his age and have become a mass phenomenon thanks to “Ryan ToysReview“, the YouTube channel that publishes every day with help of his parents and that has become the most seen in the United States.

Ryan ToysReview

Through fun and original videos, the little one shares with his more than ten million followers the different and novel toys that the brands themselves give it to try in front of the cameras and share their impressions.

The amazing success of this channel is the careful work behind each video, achieving millionaire audiences and advertising contracts worthy of the most precious actors in Hollywood. The formula used Ryan is simple: to talk to guys with his age and their own hobbies, thus getting the attention of manufacturers who are fighting for a gap in their channel and see how parents and children, all of them potential customers, who are anxiously waiting for their comments.

The meteoric career of this young ‘ Youtuber ‘ is not without controversy, and is that many parents and experts wonder whether a child so young is exposed daily to the cameras can be harmful, taking into account that receives significant financial compensation and takes time away from playing with other children or doing homework.