RoomAlive: how to live inside a video game

The video game industry is making great strides and it appears that next points to dissolve the screen. The emergence of Kinect, some years ago, and now Oculus Rift, bring to the idea of abolishing the distance now between the player and the game. In a few years the players begin to be the protagonists of video games themselves.


In this sense, Microsoft Research presented RoomAlive that allows to convert a room in an interactive environment for video games in 360 degrees, a concept patented a few years ago. The project consists of a projector and a Kinect that recognize the dimensions of a room (including objects that have inside, such as furniture) and adapt dynamically the video game to be projected on the environment.

The most interesting thing about RoomAlive is that everything that is projected on the walls is modified and adapted according to the appearance of the room and the movements of the users, who can interact with the game directly with the movement of his bodies. Thus, the player can paste kicking; dodging objects or scrolls the display without any interface.

At the beginning of 2013 Microsoft Research had already presented a stage prior to this project. Known as IllumiRoom, was to use Kinect and a projector screen to bring a game to a whole wall and the user could play interactively with the projected image. Now bend the bet extending this idea to whole environments and increasing the capacity of user interaction.

While RoomAlive is in testing stage, it serves sample to see where moving the development of a new generation of game consoles. “We still have much more to explore” from Microsoft Research, “We are mulling a future where video games using physical objects as part of the game”.