Ring: A smart ring capable of controlling devices only with gestures

Apparently practical and, in turn, elegant and discreet. This is the proposal of the Japanese firm Logbar, seeking funding to develop their project called Ring and consists of a smart ring able to control other electronic devices only with gestures.


The idea differs from other already existing rings that receive alerts and notifications in a concept similar to the ‘smartwatches’, this project would allow users to have almost a’ magic wand in the finger. It is made of silver and recognizes gestures performed in the air.

According to its creators, this little device family of ‘wearables’ can send text messages, control appliances such as televisions or even make payments “online”. Thus, “drawing” in the air the appropriate letters will write a sentence or if it emulates a musical note will have access to the audio player. According to the company, which claims to have tested ensures this ring with devices like the Google Glass or different drones’ models on the market, the ring is able to recognize up to a thousand different gestures.

The ring, which is not waterproof, it connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. To activate it you must then push a small side button. Alerts will be notified with a vibration and a tiny LED light. Ring, available for iOS and Android operating systems, will cost $145 and is expected to hit the market in July this year.