Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a hit 4 months after release

The dust may have settled since the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5 onto the mobile and smartphone markets just four months ago in April, but that doesn’t mean the phone has lost the capacity to impress on all fronts still.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Luis Miguel Messianu, the President and Chief Creative Officer at Alma, a Hispanic and multicultural advertising firm in Miami has in the past claimed that “Hispanics were already a social network, even before the term was coined”, and with that in mind in relation to the Galaxy S5, it still has a plenty of staying power as we enter the latter half of 2014. With as many as 80% of US Hispanics currently using social media and the dedicated apps compared to the 72% of the general public, the ability to download apps from the app centre is pivotal to the phone’s successes over the past few months and the fact that it runs on America’s fastest running network – the 4G LTE network – only enhances the agility of the phone’s download performance.

The 16 megapixel camera allows for absolutely stunning imagery to be captured in all of its original glory, while the ability to view that material across all of your social networks from your friends and family on a 5.1” HD display gives all the more reason to purchase this phone. If it is video, photo and image quality you want – and US Hispanics certainly do (43% of US Hispanics stream video on their smartphones or tablets compared to 25% of the general US population) – then you will be hard pressed to find a phone more suited to the tasks.

The price is also competitive with the higher echelons of the market, especially if you opt in on certain companies’ promotional offers that are currently available. T-Mobile, for example, are currently offering the phone at $609.60 as a full retail price (which is $50 off the previous price for a limited time), whilst they are also offering a 24-month package plan at a rate of $25.40 per month. The number of US Hispanics who own a mobile phone is always on the rise, at proved in figures throughout 2009-2012 that showed a 10% rise in mobile phone ownership. In 2012, the Pew Hispanic Centre even reported that as many as 86% of US Hispanics own a mobile phone – making the demand for competitive prices that much higher. The Galaxy S5 is not only available at a competitive price, but it is well worth it too.

A final and much undervalued additional benefit to the S5 is the phone’s battery life. With the ability to run for as many as 20 days on standby mode – or the ability to run for 29 hours of talk time – the phone represents good value for all the internet browsing, app playing and general usage that you will put the phone to the test of. For many users, battery life is an understated necessity and once again, the S5 has it covered.