Quitbit, intelligent lighter that helps you quit smoking

If technology can help you run faster or have a healthier life, why can not help you quit smoking? Basically this is the slogan behind Quitbit, this smart lighter that allows you to keep a careful record of what is are your habits like smoking.


This device, the size and shape of a Zippo type lighter, with a resistance, which functions as a lighter, and a small screen on the back, showing the number of cigarettes smoked on the day, week or month, the last time that you lit a cigarette, when you gave one or even the times you lent the lighter to someone else smoke.

The Quitbit has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to share this data with your phone. You down the app for iOS, you’ll be able to save the entire record of your habits, see the different metrics and also shared with the user community of the device.

Now the key question behind such developments is: why would anyone want to know how many cigarettes smokeper day or how often they smoke? Well, there’s the catch behind the promise that developers made this peculiar lighter. According to the project page, the logic is that if one takes all the metrics of their habits like smoking can rationally change. That is, if I can analyze my way to smoke, I can control my habits. Whatever prey to a vice, you know that this is not always possible.

This application also appeals to statistics to promote healthy habits among those who want to quit. Once entered the data of each smoker, and with the passing of the days, the application is throwing a series of statistics that serve as motivations for the user. For example, it tells you how much money you saved since you left the habit.