Present a choreography armed with Japanese robots

A group of cheerleaders robot perfectly synchronized in Tokyo presented a brief show to demonstrate the accuracy of the electronic components of the company that created them.

cheerleaders robot

The “cheerleaders” of Murata Manufacturing, wearing short red dresses are purely promotional creatures that will never go on sale and have no other income.

“With these robots only we want to demonstrate that electronics has good performance and is a funny thing” said Yuichi Kojima, deputy director of Murata, a company that has 48,000 employees and manufactured for 70 years different types of chips, capacitors and other components.

These cheerleaders are presented only to show what they are for their various electronic elements, whose appearance says nothing and whose performance is difficult to explain.

“Each one is raised to a sphere and remain at a stable equilibrium alone thanks to three gyro sensors”, said Koichi Yoshikawa, engineer and head of communications at Murata. Such components are present for example in digital photo cameras for feature image stabilization.

The ten dancers formed to the beat a single file; a pyramid turned on themselves and continually adjusted their movements to avoid falling.

According to Kojima, one of the major difficulties in the creation of these entertainers was to get three main skills – the stability, synchronization and communication have the same level of reliability and performance.

For the engineers of Murata is more motivating test technologies with fun robots that with experimental equipment.

“Also, this is a very good way to recruit”, said Kojima.