Powerslayer: Intelligent charger able to stop when the mobile is loaded

The battery life of ‘smartphones’ remains a headache for manufacturers. But sometimes when using the charger is a hassle. Do you need a more efficient way to charge your mobile devices and avoid overloading? Thus the solution is posed Powerslayer, an intelligent USB charger whose creators say it is able to detect when the device is fully charged and then save energy.


This project seeks funding through “crowdfunding” Kickstarter platform, aims to save money and help the planet at the same time. Energy use of devices that connect represents the largest growing segment of residential utility bills. In fact, it is expected to increase 60% by 2030 from electrical appliances that use chargers.

Velvetwire, creator of the project company, ensures that seeks to avoid the “Vampire consumption” of the chargers on the batteries, because even when the device has completed loading, the consumption of energy is still present. Also, say its creators, is compatible with devices including USB connector and lighting using the latest models of iPad or iPhone. The estimated price is 40 euros, although the plug is adapted to the North American outlets.

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