Polaroid Socialmatic: The new ‘social camera’ to share every moment

Now that so many applications and mobile photography filters mimic the effects of earlier analogue cameras, Polaroid has decided to put the record straight with next release, the Socialmatic camera, presented at the CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which to share and print photos at the time that we took.

Polaroid Socialmatic

Socialmatic, which will be released this fall, is a camera that combines this touch vintage fashion with the possibility of immediately on social networks share a photograph that we have just taken, thanks to its WiFi and Bluetooth connections. In principle, the starting price will be $299. The prototype presented in CES 2014 did not work, so we must still wait if we want to know what the final image quality.

The new Polaroid camera, which incorporating 14 megapixel front and 2 megapixel rear lens, work with Android. The internal storage capacity is 4 GB, and has, in addition, with the ability to expand memory using a MicroSD card.

Socialmatic contains, in addition, a small printer Zero Ink (Zink), which allows us to keep in our paper and color images without shake them in the air, as it was happening formerly – so its dry. Socialmatic sends them to the dry world and ready, and with a small QR code that can be scanned in order to allow images to be viewed and stored by other devices or printed by other Socialmatic cameras.

In its appearance, the appearance and the size of the Socialmatic of the old Polaroid that was in the house of their grandparents and parents, although its thickness is much smaller (and we assume that their weight too) and the machine incorporates new buttons and a set of interchangeable covers.

In addition to the Socialmatic, Polaroid has presented at CES another curious camera model, the C3, a device in the form of cube with 35 mm in thickness, which is resistant to the two meters of depth, capable of capturing video, has a lens with 120 degrees angle and can hold up to 32 gigabytes of storage (using MicroSD card).