PixelTone: A photo editor with voice recognition

Speech recognition will increasingly asserting in almost all programs we use on a regular basis on the computer, especially those having to do with office and even some organizers, not to mention Siri, Apple’s tool for excellence in this type of program. And it is known that one of the biggest goals in anything having to do with computers is to communicate with them without any interface involved, just using your voice.


Therefore, it has been a pleasant surprise that Adobe is work underway in PixelTone, a photo editing program that also features voice recognition, even with the ability to understand simple commands and tag people in a photo.

Adobe has released a demo video where we see it running on a tablet, apparently the best tool to use where such programs for the facility to run commands on the screen.

PixelTone is experimental, but would not be surprising that more could be offered in other professionals such as Photoshop in the near future packages.

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