Pixel Soccer, a return to the old 8-bit football video games

It appeals to the nostalgia generated designs of titles such as Goal, Sensible Soccer and Tehkan World Cup, among others; it is developed jointly with 8bit-football.com and collective fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

Pixel Soccer

There are several options for the goals of the World: from a TV, Internet or TDA and also via Twitter, a mode that is not without controversy with FIFA. In its own way, responsible for the account @8bitfootball took the anger of the World Cup for pixelated representations of most memorable moments of the tournament with the particular design of the video games from the 80s. The 8 bits are a reference to the 8 bit processors that used the consoles of the time, and that today involve a global aesthetic movement.

And thanks to the influence that had these cute designs, the people of 8 bit Football began to develop a video game based on this retro style, away from the sophisticated graphics of the EA Sports FIFA and Konami PES. Alongside Super Rock Games, Pixel Soccer seeks to recall the enthusiasm generated titles such as Goal, Kick Off and reminded Tehkan World Cup and launched a call for proposals on Kickstarter to raise funds to bring this project to reality.

“Current titles have incredible realism and tactics that enhance the gaming experience, but lack the charm that had the generation of 8-bit video games. And that is why we decided to take the advantages offered by technology to recreate in Pixel Soccer players features to this particular point”, say its creators, promising at this stage a version for PC and Mac in case the goal of the fundraising on Kickstarter.