Phonebloks agree with Sennheiser, thinks beyond cell phones with interchangeable parts

The platform to promote devices with modular pieces confirmed that the company specializes in audio part in the project; proposes also consider modules compatible with different kinds of devices.

phonebloks agree with sennheiser

Sennheiser among which create interchangeable modules to have a cell phone that can upgrade piece by piece (instead of having to throw it away and buy a new one, whole, fails part or if we want one slightly better). And they released a new video, which confirms: it is a concept that applies to any electronic device, although the cell phone with which it first began.

The idea seems attractive, but still has a number of interesting challenges: in particular, make a decent mass of modules that are compatible have reasonable price, they are good, they are durable, to ensure continuity of replacements. That need is demand, and that seem to be pointing in Phonebloks (awareness to verify that there people interested), but the interest is not necessarily equivalent to the consumption – although it is a necessary point, of course.

The PC worked, although with different premises: it was cheaper than buying a brand or notebook computer and this would not be in principle; the aesthetic was not as important or too varied over the years, the cabinets are timeless, and the format of smartphone/notebook changes almost every year, and not just a cosmetic issue. And do it for more than one class of devices is even more complex, of course.

At the same time, companies like Samsung are implementing on their TV, the Smart TV as it is, strictly speaking, a “dumb” screen to a device (connects Evolution Kit, Samsung calls it) – compatible with several generations of computers – which manages the tuning of channels, the part of connection to the Internet, etc.