Petcube, spyware and play with your pet remotely

Time complicated that in which we have to leave the home for few hours and let our pets alone. Some have been better than others, so the technology can help us to make things easier, or at least, we know what happens when we leave.


Petcube is the name of the invention which was last seen in CES, it is a device that connects to our WiFi network, provides camera and some another original functionality. With these ingredients we might well think that it may be worth for most things that to see our pet, but as well its creators sold it us.

You can guess its main operation is similar to any remote camera which is appearing on the market. It’s most striking features recording deal with the wide angle lens – 138 degrees – and the video quality in 720p format.

Communication can be in both directions, at least with respect to voice. What we talk through the mobile application will be played in real time in the room where it is PetCube, which also features microphone, so we can hear the dog barking.

A laser to play with the cat
But it is not the only form of interaction that we propose. The most striking – do not know if helpful – it has to do with a laser pointer – 5mW 3R – that can be labeled elements of the scene, all from your smartphone (iPhone or Android). This type of video better things to know:

It is possible to pass control from your camera to other users, if you find busy or not wanting to disturb your pets a bit – usually spend the day asleep – simply by having the application and data access.

Although you may have met it earlier in some crowdfunding campaign, it is a final product to be sold in February for $199 ($30 for international shipping).