Pebble, the best smartwatch in the market

We are in full fever of ‘smartwatch’, a watch that not only tells time, but by connecting with mobile, allowing us to see notifications and calls. All mobile manufacturers have already “threatened” with a model or prototype, but so far have mainly only three models on the market, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble and Sony Smartwach 2.

best smartwatch

Most of the prototypes are betting on a color screen and touch, less Pebble which gives preference to the autonomy and the size, aside from more typical of a mobile phone features. Although the Pebble is nothing new, leveraging the launch of the new model has led to a reduction in price, now is a good time to buy one, at least to try.

It is true that the design of the Pebble is too much, let’s call it, athletic, up to the Casio with whole life calculator looked more ‘elegant’, something that can be solved, partially, changing the belt that comes by default by a metal or leather. The watch as a whole is awfully lightweight, only 39 grams, which could be considered as negative because a very light watch gives the impression of poor quality, but in this case is just a passing feeling.

Regarding the operation, this is what it promises. Pebble has a range of 4 to 5 days, depending, of course, use the demos. This is probably the most important aspect of this type of gadgets, because it is not comfortable to have to charge mobile and everyday watch.

Being equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 out of low-power, mobile phone or the Pebble come diminished its autonomy to be connected without interruption. The e-ink screen, it looks perfectly even in broad daylight, and well equipped to a light in the darkness, sharpness that offer this type of display are perfect for reading email notifications, WhatsApp messages or a time with a simple twist of the wrist.

The e-ink screens also have their limitations, as they have no color or grayscale, are only able to show or black or white, making it impossible to display images or videos, but it is not something very relevant in a screen of that size. The watch did not sound, but when comes a notification or call the watch vibrate, so it is impossible not to notice when we have been subject to the wrist.

Although the Pebble application environment is quite large, complex applications expect anyone found. We can find from applications to improve the notifications, to one that gives the time or even the stock market values. The system to install applications is quite precarious, because you have to find the repositories and install applications from the mobile application, note that its need to have its own app store to allow users to easily find and install, probably see it throughout the month of February.

The next update of the Pebble will bring a new generation of applications that may make inquiries to internet through mobile to display dynamic information in real time. Overall this is a highly recommended gadget that will not leave you indifferent and at least make you’re taking less time looking at mobile phone and looking for new notifications.