Paperlike is an electronic ink monitor that is powered by a USB port

While it is true that electronic ink displays have many benefits, have a few limitations that prevent the see in other formats such as monitors. Or not, as there are companies like Dasung who believe that this technology can be useful for use with our computer. Not only that, it would not be necessary to have a power supply to use, with a USB port it would suffice.


In short, this is the proposal of Paperlike. An electronic ink monitor with a size of 13.3 inch and a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels that runs on any computer with USB port. We just have to connect it and use it as a mirror of the main screen or have a secondary. Yes, of this type of display have a very bad frame rates but what has established Dasung is worthy of mention.

Improved refresh rate
At this point we think that this monitor is simply an electronic book in large format screen. The truth is that no, the refresh rate is much faster than we have seen on devices with this technology. Below these lines you can see how it works. It has the speed of a color display but surprisingly not leaves a trace and go all so agile.

A monitor which, remember, we only need a USB port to run and not a source of additional power by what face use only have to plug in and start using it. Of course, do not think it will be affordable because its price will range between 700-800 euro with the additional question of whether the launch will occur beyond the borders of China.