Origami: Baby stroller with a screen for “geeks” parents

The “geeks” parents can carry their babies in a stroller with integrated display and allows recharge the other “gadgets”. Origami is the technological grocery trolley and it is possible to track the distance traveled during a ride or know what position the baby is. The stroller is designed to fold and unfold automatically with the push of a button.

Origami baby stroller

It incorporates an intelligent sensor that only allows opening and closing when detects no weight on it, so giving it maximum security. If desired, it can also be done manually. The stroller also features a power generator located in the rear wheels that is recharged only during the walk or can be plugged into the mains. This enables mobile or other device can be charged during the journey, the lights have dual intensity depending on whether it is day or night and view data on its digital display.

Thanks to the integrated display, it is possible to keep track of the way similar to allow exercise or navigation applications. Origami displays information about the journey as average speed, distance traveled, ambient temperature and even position of the child within the stroller.

Origami baby stroller sold in six colors (green, blue, red, gray, pink and black) and has a recommended retail price of 950 euros.

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