Nokia presents BH-121: Features a music player bluetooth

At first it seems an iPod Shuffle without display. A small square of bright colors, with buttons for volume control and headphone connection. Yeah, looks like an iPod Shuffle but it is not. This is the BH-121, a new device presented by Nokia. It is a gadget that connects via Bluetooth to a mobile Lumia, which is not designed to answer calls but only to play music.

Nokia BH-121

Measures just 39 x 39 x 12mm, explained in an official not , thanks to its clip can be placed anywhere on the clothes. It is present in the Lumia vibrant colors: blue, yellow, black and red.

It synchronizes with the mobile Lumia. According to point to phones with NFC technology, just enough to activate the NFC on the phone and “bump” the BH-121 against mobile until you connect.

For devices without this technology, this device can be connected via Bluetooth. Just enable bluetooth and pair the two devices.

The BH-121 will act like a music player, and looks like an iPod. You can answer calls and play music. It is due to incorporating buttons in your body.

It is accompanied by a pair of headphones “in ear” WH-208, which isolate outside noise and as Nokia have “powerful and clear sound”. It has a standard audio plug so that the user can enter the handset of choice and still use the controls on the BH-121.

It has an LED indicator that points the battery level. This can also be seen from Mobile. It is compatible with Nokia Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, 625, 525 and the Asha 503 and Asha 501 and “many more”.

It will be sold from this December for a suggested price of 39 euros. This device was a rumor that was expected to be confirmed at the event Nokia World held in Abu Dhabi.

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