Nintendo committed to health with a device to measure sleep

Nintendo announced the development of a monitoring and improving the quality of sleep, the latest venture of the company to enter the business of e-Health.

device to measure sleep

The new device, still no release date has been conceived in collaboration with the US company ResMed, specializing in technology to treat sleep disorders, announced Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

This device is a firm step of the historic Japanese manufacturer of video games to compete in booming markets, which have already entered the tech giants: Apple with HealthKit, Google with Fit and Samsung with its Simband platform.

In addition, coincides with a moment in which the business model of Nintendo is being questioned. “We started as a company that made people smile with products like video games. Now we want to help define the quality of life for the happier users”, Iwata said in a statement.

The new device has been presented under the generic name “QoL” (from the acronym “Quality of Life”), and will be a system capable of measuring time and the quality of sleep without need to allow contact with the body or activate it, according to Nintendo.

So S+, the version developed ResMed (which gives an idea of what could be the Nintendo).

The device, which must be installed next to the bed, collect data automatically and will rise to “the cloud”, and then it will combine with other personal data of the user to provide a diagnosis and recommendations related to exercise and diet.

Nintendo has previously developed the Wii Fit, a device that combines electronic entertainment with exercise at home and it is also able to measure and relate data on caloric intake or diet.