New and colorful Canon calculators

Canon introduces a new range of colorful calculators, with the launch of the striking LS-123K, the first model of the new and stylish K series. The LS-123K, designed for those who care about the style and dynamic interior to suit both at home and in the office, is released in a variety of vivid colors, which are attached to the reliability and performance that users expect from Canon.

Canon LS-123K

Available in different metal finishes color (pink, green, orange and blue), the unique design of the Canon LS-123K does not waive any practical function by providing a large 12-digit LCD display, which makes the calculations readable. The dual power (solar and battery operation) contributes to a longer operation and integrated calculation function is useful for accounting tasks.

The new LS-123K has a new logo that symbolizes the main functions of the new K series: with a flower design means sustainability and style, and vivid color palette represents the available finishes color.

Main features of the LS-123K:

  • Elegant case design.
  • 12 digits and tax calculation function.
  • Total Memory.
  • Two power supplies (solar and battery) LCD Display 82 x 22.5 mm. Choice among four colors: pink, green, orange, blue.