Neither machine or by hand: Dolfi wash your clothes thanks to ultrasound

A small handheld device called Dolfi wants to be the next revolution in one of the most everyday tasks: washing our clothes. The creators of this device have devised a system that allows you to remove all traces of dirt from the tissue of our garments through ultrasounds.


According to its makers, Dolfi is gentle on clothes, but hard with dirt, and the system respects the tissue making clothes “look like new wash after wash”. One of its main advantages is its size and portability that enable us to take with us wherever we go and use it on the stack of the faucet or bathtub, or in any container with water where we will also place the clothes.

Dolfi is connected to electrical power and uses 80 times less energy than a washing machine, and after 30 or 40 minutes connected – a blue light indicates that it is working – and use of traditional detergent will make these washes are feasible at any time, also in silent. It is recommended; though not put more than 2 kg of clothes in every wash.

Those responsible for this device ensure that Dolfi meets the safety standards of various countries and will comply with the IPX68 certification to ensure that there is no danger in putting this ingenuity in the water while connected to the electrical power.

In the inside of Dolfi found a multi-frequency transducer creating modulated sound waves that travel through the water and create microscopic bubbles of high pressure. To implode, these bubbles create millions of micro liquid jet streams that are responsible for removing dirt from the tissues.

Dolfi is already exceeding its initial goal in the finance campaign being done in Indiegogo, and anyone can go and reserving unit for $109 (plus $25 for shipping). The first investors will begin to receive the product in August 2015.