Need for Speed: Rivals, a way of devouring kilometers without danger

Miles and miles running at incredible speeds for a car, at least to finish unscathed. The hero wins, always, even a lawbreaker or one of his guards. Only some bruises and the winner leave the body without even breaking a sweat.

Need for Speed Rivals

Several series of films and video games that have as an argument, being magnanimous, racing cars without any legal regulations and circuit. We have, for example, of Fast and Furious, which can be seen in theaters, and Need for Speed, already made the leap to cinema, but is considered a product almost exclusively for consoles and PC. This franchise has just arrived for Need for Speed: Rivals, a version available for several platforms, among which is for the PlayStation 3 console.

Let’s not wait for a complicated argument not so that we break the brains with it. But this has not been any impediment to the success of a video game.

In Need for Speed: Rivals, developed by Ghost for Electronic Arts, will be a cop or a racer that does not comply with traffic rules. Frostbite 3 game engine is used. The game is based on meeting a set of objectives in order to obtain different gains and rewards. For example, a reward if we achieve the objectives will be to get best vehicles or equipment for them. These objectives may be given for quality management or not exceed the maximum time allowed.

The world is open; it means we can go wherever we want without limitations. It allows single-user game mode and cooperative play for up to 6 users. Reconstructions of the impacts are very well made. Almost one thinks is aboard these cars.

The police are politically incorrect, as often happens in real life. Although the plot itself is not very real, true to find ultimately lead to the resolution of conflicts between law enforcement and poachers runners.


  • Racing Simulator for various consoles
  • Developer: Ghost
  • Productor: EA Games
  • Price: $780 (for PS3)