Navdy: As Google Glass, but for driving without distractions

The company Navdy introduced in the United States looking for a device that prevent drivers to take eyes off the road to look at the screens of their cell and thus reduce road accidents.


It is a system that projected on the windshield information which comes with the phone; up to now had other announcements, such as the Garmin (supports multiple cell phones, but only for their maps) or offering several high-end automobiles; as a fighter, project information onto the windshield.

But so far, which usually offers has to do with maps, i.e., a visual guide for handling, warning of a turn, and so on. Navdy, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing more and see other notifications (like a text message) and reply with a voice command without touching the smartphone using the latest features of Google Now or Siri.

The device can also be connected to the car’s computer to add the data to what unfolds in front of the windshield.

The other advantage is that it is compatible with any car; enough to place it between the steering wheel and windshield. It costs in the United States $299; it will be available early next year.