Mindfulness: Apps learn to disconnect and work better

The mindfulness is fashionable. Being able to disconnect for a few minutes of our work, worries, stress. So much so, that if we look for mindfulness in Google, it is easy to find lots of courses and workshops, especially aimed at companies or that are organized within them.

mindfulness apps

And it could not be otherwise. The mindfulness also have their apps. Dozens of applications that promise to help us relax, sleep better, concentrate more and as a result of the above, work more effectively. Here we recommend the following:

Headspace (iOS, Android)
Unlike other applications that approach meditation from a point of view almost “religious” in Headspace strive to offer users an approach purely mechanistic and scientific phenomenon of mindfulness approach.

The application boasts more than five million users and promises results with minimal use of ten minutes a day. Among its main features, to access dozens of courses, tools to assess our progress, possibility of interacting with other users of the App.

We can access a monthly subscription of 9.95 euro per month, but we can pay 5.99 euro if we commit to use the App for a year or 4.75 euro if we do it for 24 months.

Calm (Web, iOS, Android)
Another one of this niche market is Calm. In addition to offering its app both users of IOS to Android, it has a web version that allows access to sights and sounds that lead us to calm and relaxation, which can be interesting in the most stressful times of our work.

In addition to offering exercises of relaxation and meditation, it presents to the users routines to rest better, improve the quality of our sleep, guided meditations and music that we can download on our terminal to be able to relax at any time.