Microsoft strengthens the security of the companies with a new service

Two months after launching the public preview of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, also called ATA, Brad Anderson, vice president of mobility and Enterprise client company, has announced that it will be available from 1st August.

Microsoft ATA

ATA, which arises as a result of the purchase of Aorato, using tools of machine learning to detect unusual behavior in a company network and send an alert to the administrator. One of the advantages of the service is that where the employee works beyond access to enterprise resources, including a mobile device.

The idea is to discover potential security incidents quickly. According to the company says, ATA is designed to protect against targeted advanced attacks and aimed for this tool not only detects changing behaviors to suit the nature of the threats, but it reduces false positives and helps identify malicious attacks, risks and security issues in a simple way.

Microsoft, which already provides ability to identify attacks on Azure Active Directory users, explained that Advanced Threat Analytics is designed for on-premise infrastructure.

The software is part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which according to Anderson already has 17,000 customers. Microsoft ATA, therefore, it will be available separately and as part of Microsoft EMS and the Enterprise Client Access License (ECAL) from August.

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