Microsoft Arcadia, ambitious game project in streaming

Microsoft is working on the Arcadia Project, a service that would offer streaming games on Windows PCs. Arcadia use Microsoft cloud platform Azure to serve Windows PC games. Also a series of applications that have not been mentioned.


You know what this is all about. Instead of a local machine, the games would run on Microsoft servers and would be transmitted in streaming via the Internet on the user’s client computers.

A very interesting idea which would make it possible to run games without the limitations of the hardware on all kinds of computers (tablets and smartphones) but it has its problems. In origin there is a need for a group of servers of impressive power (especially graphics) transmission technology to match with plenty of bandwidth and client side very good connection to avoid delays and cuts.

They have tried in the past services like OnLive with little success due to financial problems and catalog, and Sony is trying with PlayStation Now based on platform Gaikai bought long ago but on a dedicated platform.

Microsoft has economic muscle, technological capability, experience and relationships with producers that would allow it to offer a broad catalog. Its operation would be similar to Office 365. Under a model of monthly or annual subscription the users gain access to the catalog.

Although Microsoft Arcadia would be designed to run PC games on Windows systems, the company may extend its functionality to perform streaming games on the Xbox. Its possibilities are wide and also allow Windows users to run Xbox games on their desktops. Or run Android applications on Windows systems, another feature that is rumored for some time.