Microsoft announces new features for

The webmail company incorporates improvements to the mailbox management using rules with advanced options and an option to undo actions, with greater visibility of the chat.

outlook update

Microsoft announced new features in its webmail that improve the administration of the mail box. One of the new features presented, Advanced Rules, provides the ability to manage and automate the reception of messages with different actions.

In turn, any action that is taken within such as moving or deleting a message wrongly, this operation can be undone using the Undo button or by using the classic keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Z.

The changes in also allow to quickly answering an e-mail message without the need to open a new window. In addition, Microsoft webmail offer greater visibility to the instant messaging service, located in the lower left, and integrates chat platforms from third parties such as Google, Skype, Facebook and Yahoo! Chat in one place.

The availability of these new features will be available gradually in the coming weeks in the users of from around the world, according to a statement released by Microsoft on its official blog.