Lumus: Military glasses competitor to Google Glass

Lumus is a company with a long history in manufacturing devices for the U.S. military. But in the latest edition of the CES in Las Vegas took the step to civilian use and have entered the battle of ‘wearables’ object in DK-40 kit.

lumus DK-40

The device stands out for its “optical engine” which eliminates the need for an extra large prism. It is simpler than the Google Glass appearance and on one of the lenses has a reflecting screen images.

This screen is a 640 x 480 color, in fact, has higher resolution than the Google Glass. It also has a 5MP camera, gyroscope and accelerometer. Beyond the bulge in which the camera is located and the internal components are hidden, the frame is pretty classic.

The Lumus DK-40 are made from a magnesium alloy or plastic. The battery is also stored on the user’s right ear. These goggles run Android 4.2 operating system and some minor optimizations. Lumus hopes that these glasses are of great use in the medical industry.

Its estimated price is not announced but that they will go on the market in April this year.