LG launches its new OLED screens that roll up like paper

During development of the 2016 CES technology fair which starts on next January 6 in Las Vegas will be released this new artillery screens.

LG launches new OLED screens

The project, which was announced by LG from 2014, will not wait any longer to the public, which will appreciate the incredible 18-inch OLED panel with ability to roll up like a newspaper (up to 3 cm tube of diameter it would fit).

In addition to the screen, the company will launch a TV with 55-inch OLED screen like thin paper. Also, a 55 inch panel that would show two images separated on each side.

Likewise, LG will release to the public a light 25 inch LCD screen on the inside of the car and a 10.3-inch that works when the user wears gloves.