LG include the dual touch lock in its new “smartphones”

LG has announced that its next generation mobile devices adopted as a standard feature and “Knock On” function. It is a system that allows the user to unlock the terminal through a double touch and LG was first introduced in its “smartphone” LG G2.

LG Knock feature

In addition, the South Korean company has said that from next January has provided an update through which incorporate the “knock” function for all users who already possess a device the LG Series II. However, according to information released by LG in a press release, this update will take place depending on the region and the operator of each terminal.

The “knock” functionality was a classic alternative to the back button to wake up the terminal and opened the LG G2 mentioned in “smartphones” of the company and the LG G Pad 8.3 on tablets. Moreover, this function is repeated in its curved G Flex phone.

“Knock is a proper distinction of LG and a good example of what happens when the latest mobile technology come together with core knowledge of consumers”, pointed president and chief responsible for communications of LG Electronics, Jong-seok Park. “It never imagined that a button turning on needed to be improved until our engineers wondered why they could not convert the entire screen of a terminal in a button to turn on”, added.