Laptop renewal, when should I consider it?

For many professionals, the laptop is a fundamental work tool and its renovation is an issue that has had to be raised on more than one occasion. When it comes to determining if the time has really come to change to a new device, many doubts can arise, and with this article we want to help you solve them.

laptop renewal

The first symptom that we usually use as a criterion for the decision to opt for a renewal of laptop is the performance. When we notice that our device does not offer the performance that we need, the idea of ​​changing may come to mind, but we must be cautious since in many cases this loss of performance may be due to three causes that have a very simple solution:

  • Degradation by use: Doing a clean re-installation of the operating system usually fix it.
  • Dirt inside: A cleaning of the dust accumulated inside the equipment will make it work again like the first day.
  • Breakdown in some component: It is another possibility and to solve it, it would be enough to change that component.

We may also start to notice a loss of autonomy, meaning that the laptop can stand less time before we have to plug it into a socket. This usually occurs due to the normal degradation suffered by the batteries with the use, and to solve it we would not have to change the equipment, it would be enough to change the battery.

These points are important because they will help you differentiate situations in which you can still take advantage of your laptop and in which you do not really need to make an investment to buy a new device.

When should I consider buying a new laptop??

The renewal of a professional laptop must be “inevitable” when we are in any of these cases:

  • Repairing a fault in our laptop has a cost very similar to that which we would have to buy a new computer of features equal to or greater.
  • The performance is still insufficient to cover our needs even after a reinstallation of the operating system and a complete overhaul.
  • It is no longer able to cover our basic needs or to execute optimally the applications that we need, so it negatively affects our productivity.