Kindle Fire HDX: Robust, intuitive and with a spectacular resolution

The new range of tablets from Amazon, Kindle Fire HDX offers a remarkable quality at a very attractive price: 7-inch 229 euros and the 8.9-inch 379 euros.

Kindle Fire HDX

The first thing that draws attention to catch it perfectly, something that can be done with one hand is its touch, its strength and weight: just 374 grams 8.9 inch version. To achieve this, Amazon has designed a comprehensive housing from a single piece of machined magnesium and an alloy of glass and nylon, and has integrated capacitive touch screen layer directly on the glass of the screen.

The result is a device that seems sturdy and well made, except on one point: the connection between the housing and the protective piece that houses the rear camera gives a sense, at least in the apparatus tested, not being fully integrated at all points.

The design is not, however, it’s key advantage and although Amazon has decided to put the volume controls and power button on the back of the device in to front and side cleaner, the display frame is still too large compared to other devices. Nor favors that incorporate Amazon advertise their products to a screensaver, but this is something that you can avoid if you choose to buy it “without special offers” which means an outlay of fifteen euros.

Regarding the camera, its photographs of 8 megapixels ensure more than acceptable quality. The best, of course, is the ability to record HD video at 1,080p and electronic image stabilization feature, which allows immortalizing our birthday or our small tour without seeming to be uploaded on a roller coaster. Another positive is the battery life: more than eleven hours with continuous use.

However, the true great asset of Amazon tablet is wonderful and amazing screen resolution. The 8.9-inch version has a resolution of 2,560 x 1600 and a pixel density of 339 dpi, the best on the Kindle range and higher than the iPad Air. These figures allow us to see the bright, crisp colors, and fail to distinguish the screen in good condition even in bright sunlight. The visuals complete with a graphics processor Adreno 330, which provides high frame rates and permits more solvents graphics in games and 3D applications.

Another point in its favor is the simplicity of operating, very intuitive and easy to use even for people not familiar with this kind of devices. The range Fire HDX uses Fire OS 3.0 ‘Mojito’, a modified version of Android highly integrated with the web and the range of products from Amazon, to the point of offering free books on the desk and payment and other material from the company available by hovering your finger over it.

It is very well optimized, which, together with its powerful 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor and its wifi ultra fast dual-band and double antenna, does not hang up at any time. The negative side is that it lacks some of the most popular applications from Google Play, such as Google Maps or hangouts, although in many cases these can be filled with similar if they appear in the repository of Amazon.