Jabra Evolve 80: Professional headphones for a maximum concentration

Who wouldn’t want to have one of the best headphones on the market at your workplace? It is what Jabra proposed with its Evolve 80, about perfect for work in “difficult” environments thanks to its active noise cancellation technology. In addition to its built-in microphone, it offers USB connectivity with a driver that we can receive or reject calls, control the volume and enable or disable the microphone.

Jabra Evolve 80

We talked quite bulky headphones, specially designed to isolate ourselves from everything that surrounds us in our workspace. Ideal therefore for people who need maximum concentration when working, as their active noise cancellation creates a bubble in it at all impossible that nothing and nobody can bother us.

This is ideal for many people, can also be somewhat “burdensome” for those who wear helmets, need to stay “in touch” with their surroundings. If you want to maintain some level of connection with your mates while listening to music, these helmets may not be the most appropriate. If on the other hand are those who enjoy shutting themselves in their own productive space, you should try them.

As in other models, to activate the active noise cancellation, we will have to load it previously. So we plug the headphones into the USB port and wait three hours until it is fully charged. After the same, we will have up to 24 hours of active noise cancellation, which under normal conditions of use should allow between one and two weeks of autonomy, depending on the intensity of use.

A large microphone
One of the things we value most in office headphones is to have a good microphone. The problem with many is that it forces us to speak too loudly, the noise of our environment is strained and if we have to use it for several hours, we can end up really tired.

Not so the Jabra Evolve 80. Even in open offices where anyone can hear our conversation, this headset microphone allows us to maintain a low enough to keep it a private conversation tone. The call quality is remarkable and in our tests, none of our partners has shown signs of not hear us well, rather the opposite.

The only perhaps less positive point is its design, which could show much more stylized, in line with the Jabra itself has been able to do in other models and that in this case also demonstrates a too rigid point. Remarkably, despite more than an office microphone to remind somewhat of an air traffic controller.

Ergonomically the set looks very adaptable and unlike other cases, it is sufficiently comfortable in its prolonged use. To its credit at this point, the area under the padded headband; against it, earmuffs perhaps too bulky, perhaps more typical audiophile or gaming applications in the corporate field.

Is it worth? If you are willing to spend more than 300 euro in good office headphones it is a bet to consider. But beware, if you are someone who prefers headphones easy to carry and you can always take them smoothly, you should keep looking. Not always the most “spectacular” is the best.