iPad Air Plus: A model launched between April and June 2015

For several months as it gets. Indeed, and if one refers to several sources, Apple is working on a larger version of its famous iPad, and that could possibly happen with a 12.2 inch screen. But we have very few details about what the tablet will, or when it will be launched. Today we heard that the alleged tablet would come into production in the second quarter of 2015.

iPad Air Plus

Recently, the Mac fan magazine in January 2015 reveals the patterns of the alleged giant tablet, iPad Air Plus, as well as some details about the launch of the tablet.

The article mentions that iPad Air Plus is equipped with a 12.2 inch display and measure 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm – which is 0.1 mm thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus, and 0.9 mm thicker than the new iPad Air 2. The alleged tablet will be powered by a A9 processor, and expected to be launched between April and June 2015. In addition, there will be four speakers on the tablet to provide very good quality stereo sound. The latest Apple iPad models have two speakers, which are both located on the bottom edge of the frame. According to the patterns of Mac Fan, iPad Air Plus will be two on the upper edge, and two on the bottom edge.

The report of Mac Fan also revealed that Apple will unveil the iPad Mini 4 in 2015. This mini tablet would arrive with Apple A8X chip, and would have a design similar to that of the iPad Air 2. They further mentioned that after the launch of the iPad Mini 4, Apple will remove the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini 3 of its product range, and will no longer sell the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini 4.

The concept of a larger iPad, that could really replace a laptop for many, is incredibly exciting. It is unlikely that Apple sells a touch screen for the MacBook, so a giant iPad with a physical keyboard is probably the closest experience we can have.

While manufacturers like LG and Sharp have made efforts to eliminate the edges of screen on their latest devices, Apple seems to just keep them quite stocky. This means that the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger than other smartphones with 5.5-inch screens – as the G3 – and a little too big for a lot of fans of phablette.

Producing smaller screen edges should be even more important with larger devices, especially as the size is expected to have more room. But, and if one refers to the cliche, the design seems to be that of a traditional iPad. In other words, this means that its screen edges are even thicker.