Intelligent vacuum cleaners and organized refrigerators, the other side of Samsung

For Samsung not all are mobile devices or televisions. The also famous for its line of home, Japanese company has presented at the IFA 2013 a new model of vacuum cleaner and refrigerator that will make life much easier for users.

The Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner alerts when it is vacuuming and if not, while the FS9000 Food Showcase fridge space structure into two parts to make the most of the space within it.

Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner

The IFA 2013 show comes loaded with new electronics. One of the industry giants, Samsung, made his great presentation on their mobile devices. However, it has many more new features that present to the world.

New TVs and printers, as well as a range of new white appliances also has its place in the show. As for appliances, South Korea has introduced the new Motion Sync vacuum. Its design makes it one of the most agile of the market, reducing the amount of movement and getting clean with minimal effort, the company says.

CycloneForce technology has increased suction power, improving performance and increasing durability by preventing potential blockages in the filters. With its bagless design, its handle and sensors that detect those areas where there is dirt, the Motion Sync vacuum combines exceptional performance with superior ease of maneuvering, detecting and warning when to aspire and when not.

Samsung has also introduced a new refrigerator, FS9000 Food Showcase, which remains by all products. The company has done research on how families organize the refrigerator and confirmed that users often structured in a particular way.

FS9000 Showcase Food

The refrigerator side by side FS9000 Showcase Food has been designed taking into account these needs and for this reason the interior is divided into two parts. On the one hand, one outdoor called ShowCase and one indoor, InnerCase. These sections allow easy access to all foods, even those that are used less frequently, offering comfort for all family members.

By design, ShowCase provides immediate access to frequently used items such as drinks and snacks access. On the other hand, InnerCase facilitates the storage of other foods that take up more space and the conservation of fresh products much longer. The capacity of 834 liters refrigerator incorporates Space Max technology with thinner walls, better insulation compared to standard refrigerators. Food Show Case will be available to European consumers in early 2014.

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