Intel introduces its first commercial Drone: Falcon 8

Its name is Falcon 8 and is the first commercial drone that launches Intel to market. A first high-performance model that will feature, among other characteristics, with speeds of over 50 kilometers per hour with the famous house technology, Intel RealSense 3D camera. Let’s see what else offers the model presented.

Falcon 8

The first thing to clarify is that although it is the “first commercial drone” may not be focused to the public. Due to its characteristics the small drone, unlike the drones for amateurs, is intended to carry out a range of professional functions such as industrial inspection, topography or cartography.

The device features a waterproof booth and is managed through a controller or joystick and a tablet, can maintain a flight of up to 26 minutes at a time before reloading it. It also has an autopilot system, AscTec, with which Intel says the machine is able to provide “detailed images with pinpoint accuracy, providing an extremely valuable structural analysis that detects and prevents damage to the analyzed infrastructure”.

The result of this launch is the result of the purchase made by Intel from German manufacturer of drones AscTec, an acquisition for the sole purpose of using its autopilot software, algorithms and sensors that would work with the technology of home, RealSense 3D camera of Intel. As reported by Josh Walden, vice president and general manager of the company:

Drones are a very important platform for future computing and Intel is well positioned at the forefront of providing technology, sensors, communications and integration with the cloud ecosystem for growth of drones. Now we focus on continuing to create new innovative technologies and lead the segment drones.

As for price or availability Intel said nothing, but we can expect the Falcon 8 will not be economic.