Intel announces new generation of chips that do not require fans

Silent laptops will soon be a reality after confirmation of Intel launched its Core M Processor, which requires no fans to cool the equipment. This chip looks to be the center of the next line of laptops, computer tablets and convertible 2 in 1 with a slim design and a wide range of use based on its low energy consumption.

Intel Core M chip

Besides the reduction in heat generation with this type of components, Intel Core M chip, known under the codename Broadwell, features a design of 14 nanometers, smaller than the current generation of Haswell microprocessors, 22 nanometers. It also has the second version of Tri-Gate technology which optimizes the distribution of the transistors and was announced in 2011.

In terms of performance, Intel ensures that Core M is two times faster than the Core models introduced in 2010, offers 7 times better performance in the graphics part with a four times lower power consumption, which allows device of about 7 mm thick (26 mm against 2010) and a battery that achieves double the runtime at half the size.

In particular, the availability of this new generation of Intel processors allow manufacturers to develop various models of PC with a thickness of only 7.2 millimeters, according to various prototypes that introduced the company. It is expected that the Intel Core M arrives later this year, and the first models based on this chip to be launched on the market in early 2015.