Instagram launches their first game based on the Rick and Morty series

When budgets and percentages of investment in the promotion of series not dedicated 100 percent to media and conventional campaigns, there are certainly much more interesting proposals that meet not only the same purpose of conventional media in terms of effectiveness, but they are also able to splurge large dose of creativity.

rick and morty series

From this premise, it has emerged the first game ever in Instragram about Rick and Morty, possibly one of the best animated series that currently exist.

The US television network, Adult Swim, presented in a fun, interactive video game, dubbed Rickstaverse, in which the user can explore 11 different planets that appear in the series. The player’s mission is to find hidden details in each of the photographs distributed in 15 different Instagram accounts.

The only things the user must do is browse through the different images and go by clicking on the links to continue to discover new drawings with more components. Everything is very simple, and images are spectacular.

This is one fact without precedents to Instagram, as never before had opted for the ‘gaming’ in their platform. Rickstaverse is an interactive game available only on this network. The result is an ingenious marketing campaign, which draws up the technical capabilities of Instagram.

Starting from a simple idea to create mosaics from images and bind with each other through labels, have managed to create a completely fresh and fun experience for users, specifically for fans of the series.

We must remember that Rick and Morty is a television series aimed at an adult audience, which follows the misadventures of an alcoholic scientist, Rick, and his easily influenced grandson, Morty, who spend their time between the domestic familiar life and the spatial intergalactic trips.

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