Instagram beats the battle in the mobile to Twitter in 2013

The Instagram application has overtaken by Twitter in when to use by users in 2013. Despite this hegemony on mobile devices of Instagram, the “microblogging” social network Twitter provided with major number of active users.

instagram beats twitter

The company of statistical studies and of market Nielsen has published his annual report of the most secondhand applications of the year that it has realized from information from January to until October and users ‘smartphones’ of iOS and Android over 18 years. The result of the document most commonly used applications of 2013 has positioned itself to Facebook in the top ten and to Twitter in last place, being overtaken by Instagram who has occupied the seventh place.

This ranking has highlighted the importance of this year has gained Instagram this year in the mobile phone, a social network that was born exclusively as “app”, to overcome in this sense to Twitter, which has recently shown its efforts on improving its mobile version with one of the most significant redesign of the interface and functionality of its application.

Also, note that Instagram, belonging to Facebook, has achieved average users share nearly 32 million people in 2013, compared with 30 blue bird Network. However, globally active users, Twitter continue to outstrip Instagram, with 230 million users opposite to 150 millions of the social network/app of photographs.