If you want to charge your smartphone, please reload the belt

Where do you usually take your smartphone? Precisely, in the Pocket. It seems logical that we could not get it out to recharge. Said and done. XOO Belt is a crowdfunding project that got a battery on a belt.

xoo belt

This external battery that we always put it is integrated into a belt, has a capacity of 2100 mAh (perhaps limited to current terminals) and it is waterproof. The designers have thought of everything and the charging cable, for example, it is integrated into the design. Its fixation is magnetic, so you can forget about it.

The XOO belt will charge in about three hours, the same time as the manufacturer claims it will take to shift the burden to our smartphone. And it has some LEDs to visually inform the remaining battery charge. If its few, it is ideal to remember to load the belt every night.

To get your smartphone charger belt, you must bring to $155 it costs. If its reach the amount needed to start making it, your wardrobe could have a new guest from next summer.