Hybrid and powerful, well imagines the future Lenovo

Lenovo has presented its latest in terms of portable, convertible computers, tablets and monitors at CES 2014, which is being held in Las Vegas. The Chinese brand has announced an update to its range of ultra-thin laptops with Thinkpad X1 Carbon, 1.27 kg in weight and 17.7 mm thick.

future Lenovo

The 14-inch computer running Windows 8.1 and has a fingerprint reader. The cheapest model will cost $1,299 and will hit the U.S. in January. Lenovo also introduced Horizon 2, a 27 inch tablet-PC that features up to 10 points of simultaneous detection. It weighs 7.6 kg and includes suction cup joysticks for multiplayer titles. It will come to U.S. in June with a price of $1,500.

The brand has shown its laptops for gamers, the Y40 and Y50, with 16GB RAM, 1TB hybrid hard drive + 8GB, HD webcam, USB 3.0, stereo speakers, HDMI and AMD Radeon M270 for Y40 and Nvidia GTX-860 for Y50. The battery life is five hours and prices range from $499 to $999 and for 14 or 15.6 inches models.

Also, Lenovo has introduced the ThinkPad 8 with 8-inch screen, Windows 8.1, 2.3 GHz Intel Bay Trail quad-core chip and 2 GB RAM, for $399, and all in one desktop devices such as desktop touch Android N308. The brand has also taught two 4K TVs with 28-inch display, the ThinkVision Pro2840m and ThinkVision 28 Smart 4K, you can use Android applications.

In its range of portable convertible and hybrid devices, include a processor upgrade from Yoga 2, new Flex 14D and 15D with improved specifications – AMD A6 Quad Core and AMD Radeon graphics, and Lenovo MiiX 2 detachable.