HP “rescues” to Windows 7 by “popular demand”

HP has decided to sell PCs with Windows 7 “by popular demand”, a year after the release of Windows 8. In addition, the American manufacturer is offering a discount of up to $150 on computers with this operating system.

HP rescues Windows 7

Hewlett-Packard has recovered computers with Windows 7 under the theme “back by popular demand” for those users who prefer the old software version to Windows 8.1 in the United States.

Other manufacturers such as Lenovo, Acer and Dell still sell computers with Windows 7 but HP is using this feature as a publicity stunt. Sales of the operating system separately completed in October last year but for now it will continue to commercializing pre-installed on computers.

Windows 7 has four years on the market. In 2012 it entered the game Windows 8, a totally new version of Microsoft operating system that focuses on touch devices. The 8.0 was not well received by users and Redmond decided to take into account the views of its customers and improve the OS. They then submitted a new version in late 2013, Windows 8.1.

So far the 8.1 has achieved a 3.6% market share in computers, but Windows 7 will exceeds 47.5%, according to Net Applications.