How to use tablet or smartphone to play with the console

The company’s applications or “apps companion” are a new trend in the video game industry. While the most downloaded games in the world are created for cell phones and tablets, the most developed, designed for consoles or PC, begin to adapt to mobile format using smartphones or tablet as a second screen, and go beyond the official PlayStation application (PlayStation version) or Xbox (SmartGlass).

play with console

The GTA V, one of the best sellers in history, it is provided with its company application in which you can interact with mini-games to earn points for the game console, and even allows you to modify, tune and paint cars are managed by the city of Los Santos. In the PlanetSide 2, for example, all the statistics, online friends and reports of each battle, similar to Ghost App of the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Meanwhile, Destiny, massively multiplayer title of shooting in first person and exploration also uses an application to modify Warrior armor and interact in the forums.

The list is in addition to the Mass Effect 3 and Titanfall, with which you can read about the history and check the progress of your character.

But just as in the GTA you can play with the cell to generate a breakthrough in the profile that is worn on the console, Battlefield 4, with Battlelog, allows not only select weapons soldier, checking stats, and talk via chat with sparring partners, but also use the “commander” mode to send to the troops (from other players connected to their consoles or PC), select targets and command the device on the same map where the game is played online.

Also the application of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag can interact in the game map and send the pirate fleet to get treasures and perform missions from the tablet or phone, with results affecting the main character.

Finally, Watchdogs, the most recent “sandbox” of Ubisoft located at portrayed Chicago City, where hack phones, traffic lights and cameras, went a little further. With its extension for Android and iPhone to download, you can play online without buying the game or have Xbox or Playstation, against other users who have purchased it.