How to transfer files with Xender

Many times it happens that you must effectively transfer files and do not succeed because either it was an error or not done in the stipulated time. For this reason, we bring a new option for you to consider. This is the Xender app which gives you an immediate transfer between mobile devices or between your smartphone and your computer.

xender file transfer

The application is in the Google Play store, so access to it is extremely easy to make, plus it is free. The most interesting is that is fully compatible with different operating systems, which turns out to be extremely advantageous. It also allows creating a network of transfer devices that you have synchronized.

No matter how heavy is the file that you send, Xender will arrange to arrive at their destination in a timely manner. Also, you don’t need connecting cables, or wait for it to finish making the transfer, as it is extremely fast.

How to install the Xender app?
To install the application correctly you should follow the following steps:

  • Login to Google Play and press the install button. After the successful installation can watch the app follows.
  • Start the app and select>Connect to mobile, to connect with devices that have Xender and are close to you.
  • In case you want to share files as a group, you can create a group. Thus, the application will allow you that you add to a specific group.

You see it is very easy to install and allows you more features such as invite new friends, share your files with devices from Apple, and keep copies of what you’ve downloaded and more. You only have to download the app and see how everything starts flowing without any interference.