How to headphones to measure as through a 3D printer

Headphones are a few accessories that are manufactured in series, and no one notices have some custom models, except the musicians, who usually ask their own versions adapted to the shape of each ear, a process that requires making a special mold with a cost of 2000 and a delivery time of about three weeks.

normal accessories

Based on this idea, the firm Normal seeks to bring these exclusive accessories to the general public through an application and 3D printing technology.

Application of Normal, available for iOS and Android, takes a snapshot of the ear with camera with steps to create a custom model, without the need for a mold in person, as with the more expensive versions measures. In this case, the price of this handset as is $199, which adapter is made ​​in about 48 hours in the workshop tent that the firm has in New York.

Thus, this model has a unique design that resembles a little horn that attaches to the headset, with custom colors and created with a 3D printer, which is adapted to fit the user’s ear.

Its founder is Nikki Kauffman, one of the founders of the company Quirky, specialized in the development and manufacture of various ideas and prototypes of curious products that are released to the market, such as rubber bands with hooks or smart egg tray.